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Location voiture marrakech

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Location voiture marrakech

Conditions of rent

Duration :

The hiring is authorized for the duration determined in the contract except conventional prolongation granted by the hirer out. In the absence of restitution, at the limit agreed upon, that the hirer reserves the right to take again the vehicle where that it is, with the expenses of the tenant.

Profile and age of the driver :

Only the driver indicated in the contract can take the wheel. Necessary age: The driver has had to be at least 21 years old and to hold a driving license valid for at least 2 years.

Taken again delivery :

The vehicles can be delivered or recovered to the place of your choice. (Airports, Hotels, Stations, etc...) A print of credit card is obligatory with the delivery. The use of the vehicles on not tarred tracks is absolutely prohibited.

Hiring of long duration :

On request, very advantageous tariffs for any hiring of more than one month. - The daily tariffs are calculated on the basis of 24 hour. The weekly tariffs are calculated on the basis of 7 day consecutive.

Payment :

Swift transfer can do the payment, by credit card. Our tariffs include unlimited mileage, the lubricants and the maintenance of the vehicle, the delivery/recovery of the vehicle. Our tariffs are expressed in Euros.

In case of cancellation, the deposite sent, stays on Samicar account.

In case of returning the vehicle before the end of the reservation, the customer cannot ask for a refund of the remaining period.

Insurances :

The vehicles are assured against any risks. However, for any damage other than the flight of the vehicle, sets fire, broken windows, civil liability and transported people (FEEDS) a maximum non-redeemable frankness remains with the load of the driver, in the case of his partial or whole responsibility would be committed. For any accident, a report is obligatory.

Hiring with driver :

You must make an enquiry to get a quote, please contact us.

Sit child or baby :

A seat child or baby can be provided "tariffs on request".

Reservation :

To make a reservation you can do it online, or by Contacting on of our agencies in Morocco.

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