location voiture marrakech | Location de véhicule pas cher à l’aéroport de Marrakech

Location voiture marrakech

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El Jadida





Location voiture marrakech

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Change/devise :

Dirham is not convertible and the exits of currencies are prohibited. Any changed sum will have thus to be spent on the spot. The rate of exchange is consultable on the site of the Foreign exchange office : l'Office des Changes.


The exchange could be made, at the airport, the banks, the exchange offices, the hotels and the bazaars. One finds tickets of 200 DH, 100 DH, 50 DH, and of 20 DH. The parts in circulation are of 5 DH, 1 DH, 0,50 DH, 0,20 DH and 0,10 DH.

Credit cards :

The credit cards are accepted in almost all the hotels, restaurants and antique dealers.

Roads :



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