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Location voiture marrakech

Pay with Paypal

Samicar gives you the possibility of paying your reservation or accompte directly via the Web site, for the customers in Italy, it is possible to carry out a payment on our bank account italier or to pay our agent in Italy directly.


It is a question of a system of payment in line which allows any person or entity in possession of a bank card or a Paypal account, of carrying out and of receiving payments in confidence. In the other hand, it constitutes the means more:

  • Simple: The sending of payment is carried out by a simple address email if you have an account paypal, or by your bank card.
  • Protected: You can éffectue your purchases without communicating your banking co-ordinates with a third person (for example if you pay us via the Paypal form, your co-ordinates banking will not be communqiuées to us).
  • Fast: The payments are quasi-instantaneous and much faster than the sending of accounts - cheques or species.
  • Advantageous: The money sending is free and the professional tariffs are simple and advantageous.
  • World: PayPal allows the payments in sixteen currencies and more than 92 million accounts are open in 55 countries and areas of the world.


Note : You can use the payment by PAYPAL
even if you don't have a paypal account,
you will need just your credit card.



Click on the Paypal Button below

To make your online payment


IMPORTANT : In case of cancellation, the deposite sent, stays on Samicar account.



What is Paypal ???

Payment by wire transfer ?


What are the advantages of paypal?

PayPal proposes to you various means of payment on line, that is to say you:

  • Use your bank account, credit card or PayPal balance.
  • Pay on your premise, of your work and even since your portable telephone.
  • Choose among 16 different currencies, that which is appropriate to you.
  • Paypal enables you to profit from the exclusive reductions for your purchases on your Internet sites favourites. Paypal offers an inscription and payments carried out free.

For more information

Please visit the Web site of Paypal :


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